Christmas Offer

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All Offers valid until the 31st of December, 2023

Have you ever missed a golden opportunity?

If yes, then, don't miss this one.
We currently have an amazing offer for Sardius City, Epe.
It's called the "DADDY FREEZE OFFER", because it'll make you freeze.
Check this out:
- Instead of paying N25 million for a plot, you get to pay N10 million (Outright)

- If you intend to pay in installment, you get to pay N20 million per plot with a N5 million initial deposit

- If you're looking to own a mini estate (6 plot or more), pay N7.5 million per plot.

Are you there? If you're ready to take action, this offer is just for a LIMITED time.

Send me a DM to this number now [ +23408092255118 ]  now to secure one of the finest investments in the city of Lagos.

P.S: Sardius City Epe is a dry land that sits in an amazing location within Lagos.

This property has been estimated to increase in value by 100% or more in the next 24 months. Buy now and thank me later.

All Offers valid until the 31st of December, 2023

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